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    I have been having a HORRIBLE time with my peafowl and I am SSOOOOO upset! I wanted to vent and I am hoping someone will listen and have something to say...

    Okay here it is: For the last like 4 years, I have gotten hardly any peachicks. Between the hurricanes and the extreme heat ( I am in Florida if you hadnt guessed by now [​IMG] ) they didnt lay any eggs. In 2006, I did get several chicks but i had kept them off the ground for most of their life and as soon as they got too big to be in a cage and they hit the ground, they ALL kicked the bucket! I couldnt save them. Lesson learned!! Last year, my incubator killed some 40 eggs and only two chicks survived. And one of them slipped both tendons in both its leggs and I had to have it put down. The other I bacame attached with and kept.
    But this year....(deep breaths!!!...) soon as my peafowl began to lay, SOME @#$%^ animal kept braking into my pen, biting the legs of fowl!! :mad: Trauma ended up killing my only Sivler Pied hen, and the thing injured 4 of the 6 hens I have and one pied male. Obviously the hens stopped laying and the two that were left, well, only one layed frequently. This thing continued to break in and space out the attacks to assure that things could not calm down enough for them to recover and lay. I finally got up an electric fence around the cage, but I still have 2 hens in recovery.
    Then, on top of that, my incubator killed all of the eggs that I did get! All eccept one, which I am grateful for the little pied chick.
    SOOO, I finally have things under control; my cage is secure and my incubator is stable and what happens....MY MALES MOLLLLTTTT!!!!! MY HENS STOP LAYING! Breeding season is OVER and I have nothing to show for it but one chick!(which dont get me wrong, i am very grateful and love him to death!) I have a few eggs in the bator now that some are fertile, but it wasnt until they were in it for a 2 weeks that I found the problem, so they may not hatch.
    I think it was a fox that tried killing my fowl, because it did also get several of my chickens.

    I would love to hear any comments or information that you have to share, with this topic or anything else. But no one I know understands the frustration I am having like my BYC peeps!
    Thanks for listening and God bless!
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    Peafowl are notoriously hard to hatch. I've set at least 2 dozen eggs - most all were fertile but only 2 actually hatched, and one of those was very weak and died. My problem with the last bunch was that I saw them all pipped up into the air cell when I went to put them in the hatcher, but only one actually pipped the outer shell and hatched.

    I've got a bunch in the bator now and they all look good for next week's due date. I've already decided that I am going to use a small awl to drill a hole in the air cell end of each egg once the chick has broken through into the air cell. I think they are getting through the air cell and then just suffocating before they can get through the shell. I figure it won't LOWER my hatch rate at this point, and it's worth a shot.

    My buddy who gave me these birds says he only hatches about 20-30% of his peahen eggs, IF that. And this guy hatches 1000s of eggs a year in his 2 sportsmans.

    My birds are in hard moult already too... [​IMG]

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