Peafowl/Peacock hatching eggs


Longfeather Lane
11 Years
Jun 10, 2010
This listing is for peafowl eggs!

My pen is currently a blue dark pied (out of silver pied) male over a w/e hen and two pied hens. (For transparency's sake, he also has a cameo hen, a purple hen, a purple pied hen, and a BS purple pied hen in with him, but they are young and I would be surprised if any of them are laying yet)

So far from this pen we have hatched w/e, dark pied, pied, and silver pied chicks (all blue). You should also be able to hatch white chicks, but we haven't seen any yet. Pics included are of parent birds and some of the current chicks.

Eggs are $7.50 each, and I can ship up to 4+ at a time. Shipping will be $15. I would also be willing to trade for french BCM, araucana, standard BBS cochin, or genetic hackle eggs. May consider ameraucana hatching eggs if the color of the eggs is bright.

If you want to come local pickup them, you can pick up 8+ at a time for $5 apiece. I am in Belleville, MI. Just send me a PM and we can work out a pickup time.

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