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    Oct 28, 2014
    Hi! I am new to BYC and have a few questions to ask about peafowl.

    1.What is the current price for a pair (1 cock and 1hen )of Buford Bronze Pied peafowl?

    2.How do you hatch and raise peafowl?

    3.What do peafowl eat as a daily ration and how much of it?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Duckman02

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Or any other expensive breeds
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    For basic pea care and breeding information, our Peafowl Stickies are an excellent resource:

    "Sticky" Threads for the "Peafowl" forum:

    For pricing on various colors/patterns, you might look at the websites of some of the larger and more reputable breeders such as:
    Legg's peafowl Farm:
    Texas Peafowl:
    Conner Hills Farm:
    Hopkins Alternative Livestock:
    Louden Farms:

    Good luck!
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    Dec 7, 2011
    Price depends on your location and where you get them from. See Brad leggs' or other breeders sites, they usually have a list of birds for sale. Peas seem to eat less per lb than chickens, Feed a good quality game bird food.
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    Throw in some cat food every now and then for protein. Feeding them some corn in the winter will help keep them warm. The expensive varieties are generally the newer varieties such as Hazel and Taupe.

    Everyone uses different incubators for hatching peafowl eggs and shipped eggs are generally harder to hatch (for me at least). I forgot the humidity they need since I don't really have to monitor my humidity, I just fill trays full of water that came with my incubator, but you keep the eggs around 98 - 100 deg F. I usually keep mine between 99 and 100 deg F. It takes 25 to 30 days for peafowl eggs to hatch. They usually hatch on day 25 or 26 though. The peachicks hatch out fully feathered and within around 5 days they can fly. Peachicks should be fed a medicated chick starter. I usually feed them the medicated chick starter until they are almost fully grown. Then I feed them what I feed my adults and give them some medicated starter still, but not as much. The peachicks need a heat lamp to keep them warm. I have read on here people having peachicks getting too cold because they thought they would be as hardy as chicken chicks and not need light still. I provide light for my peachicks for a while. I keep them inside a baby crib when they are really small, then I move them to an outside off the ground pen for a while until they outgrow that pen. Once they are outside, I usually have the light off unless if it is raining or if it is nighttime.
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    Study up on blackhead (histomoniasis) and coccidiosis.


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