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Aug 10, 2010
My peahen turned 2 this year and laid 3 eggs in her first clutch and didn't sit on them....all the eggs were laid on different places.....
In her second clutch this year same thing happened....she laid in different places and still laying.... I have a strong feeling that she might not sit on them this time too.....what do I do? I mean incubators aren't available in my area and even if I had one I don't have Much time to have a look over them again and again....
Is here any way I can make the peahen sit on her own eggs? Otherwise the eggs will be wasted....:(
Can you give a little more information, is she in a pen or free-range? Is she being bossed around by another bird? Maybe she's scared to sit on a nest for fear of getting beat up. If she doesn't feel like she has a safe nest spot she will probably not incubate.
Not all hens will sit on their eggs. Do you have any broody chickens you could put them under? If not you could try to find someone to either incubate them for you or sell them. Check craigslist. There may be someone on there looking to buy pea eggs. As a last resort some people do eat the eggs.
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She is a free range bird....she doesn't go outside my home even though she can.... She laid Some eggs in pen even though she is a free bird ...some of the eggs she laid were in the most hidden place, I mean no one goes there....even then she didn't sit on them....
What if I put her with all her eggs in cage will she sit on them then? It's like only 2 times i have seen them mating .... Is it enough for the eggs to be fertilised ?
2 yrs old is still young for peafowl. They are more mature at three, she should make a nest and sit next year. She may or may not sit this year. It cannot be forced in any way, so putting eggs in cage etc will not make her sit on them.

Some hens will lay their first few eggs very randomly then suddenly choose a nest & lay all further eggs in this. Once she does this(choose a nest site), there is a chance she will sit..... but absolutely do not mess with the nest site too much, like adding straw, moving things around etc. as that will make some hens quit that nest.

Yep, two matings is fine, but perhaps they have mated more and was not witnessed. Many owners either never see or just sometimes see their peafowl mate yet their eggs are fertile.

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