Peanut butter cookies... Anyone have recipe WITHOUT brown sugar??

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    Pantry is getting low and I am not going grocery shopping til next week. Anyone have a peanut butter cookie recipe that does NOT require brown sugar as I used the last of mine for now?
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    You can just substitute white sugar with molasses in the same recipe. For every cup of white sugar add 1 tbsp of molasses.

    Wikipedia ~
    Culinary considerations

    For domestic purposes one can create the exact equivalent of brown sugar by mixing white sugar with molasses. Suitable proportions would be about one tablespoon of molasses to each cup of sugar (one-sixteenth or 6.25% of the total volume). Blend it well, either manually or in a blender. This proportion yields dark brown sugar; for lighter sugar, reduce the proportion of molasses according to taste. If the requirement is for cooking rather than a product for the table, then blending usually is unnecessary and the sugar and molasses can be added separately.​
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