Peanut Butter For Cookies

Oregon Blues

8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
I was given a jar of house brand peanut butter. My family doesn't eat peanut butter, but they will eat peanut butter cookies. So, I used the peanut butter to make cookies.

The peanut butter seemed to be weak in peanut flavor, and the cookies taste good, but they are weak in peanut flavor. So, I am going to draw the conclusion that if you are going to all the work of baking cookies and washing all those dishes use a good name brand of peanut butter so that you end up with good peanut butter flavor in the cookies.

(I checked to make sure the peanut butter was not on the recall list before I used it)


Flock Mistress
12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
cookies and mouse traps ? :lol:

I only use real peanut butter aka 100% peanuts and salt only 2 ingredients. My favorite is Smucker's Natural chunky. I make cookies, put on bread, put on apples YUM, and use for mouse traps. ;)


Free Ranging
12 Years
Nov 10, 2010
NE Wisconsin
I have had store brand peanut butter that is very weak in peanut flavor. And I did try it in cookies and it was a big dissappointment in flavor.

I ended up using the rest of the jar in making Buckeye candies. I ground some dry roasted peanuts up and added the fine chopped nuts to the recipe for a little extra peanut flavor. With the chocolate coating, who notices if the peanut butter is weak?

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