Pearl is an Earl?


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So I am pretty sure I ended up with a rooster with my purchase of pullets at TSC. But I am not really sure what breed he is either.


Then I start getting scared this one might be a roo too.


and I think this girl might be a Black Star, shes the only one I think I have figured out!


here is a picture of them together. TSC said they were a week old when I bought them, which would put them at 12 weeks. They look huge to me, but then again, I am a noob. HELP!


the first picture of the roo was taken today, the rest are a bit older ( couple of weeks ago)
The first one is a red sex link rooster. Shouldn't have been in the pullet bin since they are sexed by color. The red one looks like it may also be a cockerel (the reason I say that are the very shiny wing and saddle feathers I'm seeing that look rooster-y, but can't see that area well enough to be certain), but the black one is a black sex link pullet. How old are they?
I bought them on March 12 and they were in the pullet bins and said 1 week old. That would make them like 12 weeks, but I just bought 2 pullets from a lady that hatched them that are 14 weeks and they are a ton smaller than my 3 I started with.

The shiny feathers on the red one had me suspicious as well
Lord knows I'm not buying from TSC again. ugh
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Agree with the others, roo, roo, pullet, though the second is on the fence for me. Mostly I was writing to totally second your 'not buying from TSC again' because yeah, they totally don't know a thing! When I got nine from them, I wanted 4 Ancona's and 4 EE's (they threw one in for free). I knew that wasn't what I was getting because they had a picture of what the Ancona chicks were suppose to look like and NONE of the chicks looked like that. I ended up with 5 EE's, a Cochin, and what I am pretty sure is a black sex link female, and still unsure if the others are Barred Rocks or black sexlink boys. I guess if I do go there again, I will be prepared and only grab what I KNOW is what it is suppose to be!


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