Pearland, Alvin, Manvel, Sugar Land Area Are you in need of DE??

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    Sep 19, 2009
    I am in Baytown and a local feed store has a bag of DE for $17.75, once I buy this bag, they will get more, she said she's had it several months so I do not know if the price will stay the same or not but if you need DE and live in the Pearland area, I can bring some to you! I go to Pearland often for volunteer work and if you want to pitch in a dollar or two for gas (or a dozen eggs for the foster home [​IMG] lol) , I'll be glad to bring it over for you. I am pretty new here so I dont mind buying it then letting you pay once I drop it off but I cannot afford to pay upfront for it and then you not be able to pay (I'll be using grocery money!)

    So if you need some and in that area please let me know, I need to know how many to have them order! She doesnt want to order more than I will buy because she said it doesnt sale too fast (it might now though! lol)

    *UPDATE* Its a 25# bag! Not 50#! There is another feed store that is suppose to sale the 50# for $30 (this place was suppose to have the 50# but these bags are not!) So I guess its not such a great buy! Not bad since its less than shipping but still, not as great as I had thought.
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    Manvel Texas
    Hey Mimizie,

    You should put this title in your BYC tag so that when you put up a post everyone can see it...and put it in stand out....

    Im adding it to my tagged so that when I post they see your tag and it keeps it the post doesnt die out...

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