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Dec 21, 2010
I noticed one chick is being pecked on the side of the face by every other chick that passes by. The stupid animal did not even try running away or turning her head. I have isolated her from the rest of them, a dime size spot on her side of the face is plucked clean and is a bloody mess. They are on Purina Start and Grow, are 1 month old tomorrow and no other animal is being pecked on. I got a few questions:

1, Do I treat the wounded area with anything or it should not be a problem healing since she is now alone. Not deep looks like a road rush with blood.
2, Once she heals and I put her back into gen pop and will she be picked upon again or once that annoying red target disappears the rest will not feel inclined to peck?
I'd keep the would clean and put a little bit of triple antibiotic cream on the wound (you can find this at wal-mart or a similar store). Keep her separated for a couple days then re-introduce her.

I've never been a big believer in the "red makes them peck each other" idea. If this were true then there would be no chickens as they all would have been pecked to death because of their red combs and wattles! However, it only takes one chick to do something new for others to follow which is why it seems as though a group of chickens are picking on one. When you put her back in with the flock chances are they won't pick on her, but you should keep an eye on her.

This fall I had a GLW that had her comb darn near pecked OFF and I brought her inside for 3 days, kept it clean and treated and put her back out with the group and she's doing fine. Comb has healed perfectly!
Just because it is the same red to our eyes chicks may see a wider or different spectrum and see difference. (guessing) plus the wound is shiny and they like to peck at shiny things. I got that ointment I will put it on her now and wait a few days to reintroduce her to the flock. These flocking chickens are so dumb
Is their anyway to keep that one seperate for a little while
And also divide the group up
Put the main culprit also some where else alone for a few days

When I shake things up, return them back, all the pecking order is rearranged

Someone another words started it..that the culprit and many will follow suit

Also, they could have seen the red , the wound and just pecked at it from the other one who started it

But if you have some bluekote, also..

Iam sorry, I hate when this happens
Right now I have had to separate some too
Yes, absolutely separate the chick out. Clean the wound carefully and apply Neosporin to it regularly the first two days. Watch for signs of healing. When it seems the wound is clearing up, reintroduce the chick BUT:

1. Use a red light in the brooder, as this disguises wounds and blood.
2. Buy some black salve or anti-pick lotion and carefully apply it to the wounded chick. This will also serve as a deterrent to the others.

Sadly, pecking order can be established early, and the lowest chick on that order will be picked on, literally, by the others.
I had a similar incident. I got 10 Barred Rocks, 5 GLWs, 5 Buff Rocks, and 5 Delawares. Some of the Barred Rocks were pecking at the eyes of the Buff Rocks and Delawares. They did not peck at the GLWs. I put them the Barred Rocks in another brooder. I think they were pecking at the Buffs and Delawares because they are bright yellow and white and their eyes stand out more.
Found 2 more with wounds. Separated 2 let one in the flock as they did not seem to peck at that one.
Will see.
Wow, I thought raising chickens was suppose to be easy care, but after all I've been reading and all the injuries, predators, and illness, it scares me. I worry too much I guess, I want everything to be healthy, my first little chicks are coming next week, I have read everything I can, have everything set up and mail ordered them from McMurray. I may have a lot of questions when they get here, thanks to all your info
For most of the time they are maintenance free if you set them up properly (automatic feeders, nipple waterers) but you gotta sit down once a day and watch them for like 10 minutes. You will see if any one of them has any issues or behavioral problems I ran into. Same as with any living thing, if you can't dedicate a little time to them get a Tamagochi pet

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