Pecked almost to death

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    [​IMG] Really worred about our girl! We have 11 girls living in a big coop and spacious covered pen. Plenty of good food, treats and water. But, they are pecking each other. We know pecking is typical, but we've got blood in random spots around the coop. One of the girls neck is totally featherless on one side and bloody. We are concerned about infection and her comfort. What should we do?
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    I would take her out until she is healed. Once it goes too far, sometimes chickens kill each other. You can put some plain neosporin on it, to keep it from getting infected.

    Well, a lot of things can contribute to this type of behavior. Anything that makes them more agitated can contribute to it. Are they getting enough protein? What are you feeding? How much room do they have in the coop? How many square feet per chicken? Do you have a mix of aggressive and docile breeds? Have you checked them for external parasites? Have you changed anything about their care? Have you added to or taken away any chickens from the flock? How is their lighting? Sometimes people forget to give them darkness to sleep, when they add light. Other times they end up locked in the coop because it's dark outside, but with a light on in the coop they are active and fussy, if something is wrong. When you have pecking going on like this, you have to look at everything, to try to figure it out.

    You can try to give them more things to do and more foraging opportunities. If it's only happening in the coop and not the run, try to make sure they aren't locked in the coop during any daylight hours. Try to visually break up the space with something, so chickens can stay out of sight, without being trapped. Add an extra feeder and water, so there is less conflict over those resources. It helps the most if you can figure out what's started it and fix that. I hope you can figure it out.

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