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    I posted this in 'Managing Your Flock' awhile ago, then thought maybe I should post it here too...

    OK, so I put my four(2 buff orpington, 2 barred rock) pullets, age app. 16 and 18 weeks, in with my hens for the first time last night. They all seemed fine, if a bit shocked, when I let everyone out to range this AM. Then midafternoon I saw that one of the BOs had been bleeding from her comb. I cleaned it, put on blu-kote and she is fine. My question is, should I put the pullets in with the hens again tonight? They have all been ranging together with no problems, just the hens chasing the pullets which I understand is normal. They just really didn't like those teenagers in *their* pen I guess! I do understand they are going to fight some at first, and I really don't want to prolong things any more than necessary. I usually keep the hens in the pen till 10 or so, to encourage them to lay in the coop and not elswhere. I could try having them all in the coop tonight, and then letting everyone out to range as soon as I open the pop door....
    All thoughts and advice welcome!![​IMG]

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    If it were me, and they were free ranging together with no problems after the comb incident, I'd try them out together at night again.

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