Pecking and maybe Feather Eating?

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    May 29, 2011
    I have 9 brown Comet hens. They are 1 year old. Very good egg layers. Very rarely do I get less than 9 eggs a day. My problem is this, 7 of my hens are bald on their butt and legs and a little on their back. My husband said he witnessed the one feathered hen biting out the feathers. I have 15 3 month old chickens and can't put them all together because of this problem. I keep the groups separated at all times. Do I remove the hen with all her feathers who is the pecker? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Cindi
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    Apr 15, 2011
    You could try Blu-Kote. It covers up the bloodied spots with a purpleish dye, acts as an antibacterial solution, and I understand that it tastes nasty to other chickens. You'll have purple hens for a while though/ : P Also adding some hamburger meat for them to eat will add extra protein that the feathered hen might be looking for. If it doesn't get better, maybe you want to ax the hen. Factories often "de-beak" chicks to prevent this problem, though idk if you can to older chickens, or what your ethical standpoint on it is. (Just gonna say that I havn't, don't stone me!)

    Space can also be an issue, if they are cramped, they will peck because they are stressed.
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    Feather eating I believe is commonly a protein problem. Can you increase their protein (cat food) some? Or, take out the one who is doing it and try to change the pecking order. Seperate her for a few days and see if that helps. GOod luck!

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