Pecking and picking each other

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    Mar 27, 2018
    Hello, we are brand new at this. My husband and I bought 10 chicks originally, and they were doing great the first week. My husband then brought home 10 more without my knowledge at the time. Apparently he was at the feed store and another customer was there and desperate bc he had too many and offered them to us for free. And then there was 20! They got crowded fast and had started some pecking and some were bleeding. One of our youngest, I’m guessing only about 2-3 weeks old was in bad shape. It wasn’t eating or drinking and was inactive. We separated it and expanded the other birds living spaces. It was the smallest of that breed that we had and thought it was prob dehydrated and not getting as much to eat as the bigger birds. So we got him through the night giving him water and he survived. We only had 4 of the 2-3 wk old chicks and they have been separated from the bigger birds. We tried to reintroduce the one that was sick back with his breed for a day now and it’s fine except it is pecking at the others. Its not drawing blood yet but it keeps pecking. I don’t know if it’s a hen or rooster. I read somewhere to try using Vick’s vapo rub and didn’t help! Do you have any suggestions? We are trying to raise them organic and have not put them on the medicated started feed but I’m considering strongly in doing that. Are they still considered organic if their on the medicated starter food? Sorry so long
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    More space and entertainment in the Brooder. Stumps, more feed and water stations..Roosts..Possibly ready for the Coop and Run...
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    Tell us how big your brooder is, in feet by feet.
    Pics would be of immense assistance.
    How are you heating them?
    Where is brooded located?
    Where are you located?
    Please add your general geographical location to your profile.

    Medicated feed will do nothing about the aggression.
    There may be organic medicated feed available.
    'Medicated' meaning it contains amprolium to help guard against coccidiosis,
    which is a whole other issue/topic..
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    Mar 27, 2018
    Thank you for your reply, I think we’ve resolved the issue for now! It has stopped pecking for now. We did get them moved into their own brooder and they have much more space and we’ve added some plastic bowl for roosting and they helped a bunch. It is pecking at it instead. They are warm and we’ve limited the over head lighting as well. They seem content.
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