Pecking badly


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
I've got 5 different breed hens about 24 weeks old and got 2 6 week old chicks the other day (poland, lavender araucana). I spoke to the breeder we i got them and she said it would be alright to out the little chicks with the older ones at night and lock them up so they can try and get on. When I checked the next day the lavender araucana was fine but the poland was pecked at really badly. Alot of her crest was gone and around the neck was bald covered in blood.

What do i need to do? HELP:(
You need to seperate them. And the hurt chick needs to be by itself to heal. Hopefully someone here with more experience will chime in. Good luck.

I agree: separate them asap.

MY BSL hen (1 year old) savages the BO pullet (2.5 months old) any chance she gets. The poor BO has been partially scalped once and pecked badly around the neck another time. We're keeping them apart until the BO & her younger flockmates all get bigger and can take on the BSL.

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