Pecking/Cannabalism? Not sure what to do????

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    Oct 7, 2009
    I have about 30 pullets, and several rare breeds. I have 5 Buff Ophingtons, and I noticed one day that one of them looked like another chicken had pooped on the back of its head. Thought it was funny and ignored it. Then the next day I noticed there was blood runningin that chicken's eyes and the black, now gross looking area was larger and looked worse. So I isolated her in the nursery. She seemed fine otherwise. She also has continued to lay (she and most of the others are 7 months old). How long does it take for her to heal? Is it OK to leave her in the nursery room away from the others? Will they just peck on her when she is healed and I let her back out? Have had chickens for 5 years and never had this happen - I need your help and advice.

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    Sep 28, 2009
    I am having a similar problem. Had a white rock was fine then checked a half hour later and her butt had been pecked and she bleed out . Died ! The next day found another white rock with blood from butt and other birds at her. Was able to save her. Now I am worried and have removed my remaining 3 whitw rock pullets for fear they are being singled out. I think once the wounds are healed they can safely return to the flock.
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    WHite birds are THE worst to peck at each other. Some causes are boredom, being crowded, and lack of protein. I will tell you what works for us is a tsp of salt per gallon of water. Something about the salt being salty like blood I think is what males them stop. I give them one waterer with salt added, then the next time we change water I do it wihtout the salt. You will have to blu kote the affected area of the ones that have been pecked or else they will keep at it. HTH.
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    make sure you treat her eyes if they were pecked..
    clean out the eye with saline eye wash....plain saline eye wash...gently squirt out the eye to clean it..
    treat with terramycin eye ointment IN the eye..and you can use neosporin around the eye area..or any other peck marks after cleaning..
    I wouldn't use Blue-Kote near the eye..but other places ok..
    wear stains.

    I've always heard that salt isn't good for chickens..
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    Sep 19, 2009
    Too much salt isn't good for chickens - it can poison them. They do however need salt in minute amounts. Commercially prepared rations contain all the salt a flock needs. Range-fed chickens that eat primarily plants and grain may need a salt supplement. I've never had to do that. Salt deficiency causes hens to lay fewer, smaller eggs and some say it causes the hens to become cannibalistic. If you think you need a salt supplement, I wouldn't give it in the drinking water, I'd give it in a separate container on a free choice basis and provide plenty of fresh clean water at all times.
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    Oct 7, 2009
    Thanks for all the great advice. She has been isolated now for 4 days and is healing. She continues to lay an egg per day. So far no one else is pecked on......I wish I knew who was doing it - will I ever know? Why do they single out just one hen and peck her raw? Thanks!

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