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Hey!! Quick question!! I have 5 chicks that are about 6 weeks old. 2 cochins, 2 buff chanteclers, and 1cuckoo maran. One of the cochins is pecking at all the others. The other cochin doesn't look as feather as the pecking one, and she just keep pecking. Now the question, which one should I seperate from the others?! The mean one or the one that isnt quite as feathered?! The peckee isnt as social as the others, kind of stand offish. And her breathing seem alot more rapid then the others. I feel they have enough room to roam, red lighting, plenty of food and water sources, plus they get fruit and veg treats! Are they just ready to be put outside and that might stop the pecking?! And kinda afraid to put them outside, we are suppose to have a 34° morning within the next week! I have the pecker separated because I had to keep her from pecking. Big meanie!!
Thanks in advance for the help!
The first couple pics are of the peckee and the next couple pics are of the pecker. She seems to pick on the other cochin more then the others!:(:(:(



Getting moved into their coop/run may indeed help the problem provided they have plenty of room in their new home. At 6 weeks old they don't need a heat lamp anymore at all and are more then ready to be outside. They are probably getting pretty bored in a brooder all day long. Getting them outside where they can have more room to move around and just be chickens may be enough of a distraction to solve the problem. You just really don't want it to go on any longer or get worse, the longer they do it the harder it is to break them of it.
The main thing I'm worried about is the 34° low/ 54° high we are gonna have in a couple days. Think they will be okay?!
I also have some 6 week olds. If your worried about the cold nights like I am, just put them out for the warmer part of the day and put them in at night. I find that after an afternoon of free ranging with the big girls they go right to sleep once back in their brooder. It also helps socialize them so they won't fight as bad when they make it to the coop full time with the grown-ups.
Thanks mpgo! I will have to try that! Catching them is the only difficult part! Haha little boogers are quick!

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