Pecking? Or mites...?


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May 16, 2010
Hi all,

We have two hybrid hens, both about a year and a half now. We lost one of our ladies in the summer due to a broken egg inside her and she basically hemeoraged

Since then we have increased their calcium intake, as we read that it could have been due to a lack of calcium. SO far we have had no problems with either of our two remaining girls (apart from Gerty, the smaller one, had worms when she was a few months old. That was quickly sorted though.)

So they are both healthy (or so we think).

They have a lot of space....even when there were 3 of them they had a lot of room. They have a house which houses maximum 6 hens, and an enclosure about 10 feet all round ( I mental measurents aren't great.) But basically, they have a lot of room between them.

We feed them a diet of layers pellets, corn and grit+oyster shell. They also have a pecka block.
However, they both have no feathers on their 'chest' and the skin underneath looks very red. There is no sign of mites, although I will have a closer look. We do however spray the coop weekly and use powder on the birds and their coop.
It could be them pecking each other, but I don't notice any feathers on the floor. What could it be??

P.s neither of them sleep on the perch (although there is one) - we think this is because our old hen who died used to sleep up there, and she was ''the boss''.

Thank you
I would check for mites at night with a helper and a light. However, I'd guess they are wearing off their chest feathers sleeping on the ground.

Maybe you need to change the roost -- new board, wide side of 2x4, possibly a little lower, in a different spot if you can -- just so they see it as different.
Thank you for the quick reply!!

I will look for mites this evening... The only thing that makes me think it could be something like mties is because there aren't any feathers lying on the ground - i assume that if they were pecking each other or they were rubbing when they sleep on the ground there would be feathers lying around?

They also could be going broody, they pull their own feathers out to create a bare skin patch so they can keep eggs warm.

At 18 months it is also time for their first major moult.

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