Pecking order changed suddenly...after one year????


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Jun 26, 2008
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My Coop
Well, I came home today to find my top hen (Molly- Black Australorp) that has always been the top commander of the coop, has step down from her throne apparently. She is currently molting and she had a visible bite mark over her eye and on her comb. While standing there, I saw my little black sex link ATTACK her and Molly didn't fight back. WHY is my top hen allowing another hen to boss her around now???

I took the black sex link out and put her by herself. She is mean little thing. I might get rid of her even though she is a good layer.
From what i have seen..if they sense a weakness in the top hen they will try move in. Its natural..its normal...they live by a pecking order.. Are you going to get rid every hen that challenges your top hens?

edited to add: I also wanted to say that a cannibal/pecking hen is differant than a hen that is just trying to challenge a top hen. If you feel that you have a hen thats a cannibal then thats differant..i'd get rid of the hen then..
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I don't know if you saw my thread, but I, too, have a black sex link that has been a bit aggressive. Maybe it's the breed? I have 44 chicks (6 wks old), and this one just started pecking at ALL the others.... usually peking on the side or rear. When she got a feather out of it, she ate it. I put her in chicken jail for a day. I also fed (all of them) mashed up hard boiled eggs, in case it was a protein thing. She is behaving better now. I am thinking it is the breed, or some of them, anyway. Good luck.

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