Pecking order in ducks...??? New pekin attacking ducks and chickens!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mommyofthree, Oct 31, 2010.

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    May 18, 2010
    We got 3 new ducks yesterday. They seem very healthy and they really wanted to be by our ducks so we put them all together today (I know, shame on me for skipping quarantine!) and they did pretty good for the most part. But our new pekin, who is by far our biggest, seems to be a bit of a bully. She was running at and banging her chest into some of the chickens and my ducks and trying to bite them. She wasn't that bad and only acted like that for a little while, the rest of the day everyone seemed to get along fine. Though the 3 newbies kept to themselves and my current birds hung around as usual.
    Will the pekin keep attacking as a way to assert dominance or was that more likely out of fear since she's in a new place with more animals? The new ducks used to just sleep outside but tonight they surprisingly went in the coop with everyone else at sundown and they all seemed to be getting along fine. [​IMG]
    ETA: My ducks and chickens are sissies and didn't fight back, but ran from the pekin. [​IMG]
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    Just defining her spot in the pecking order. This is absolutely normal behavior for all poultry. As long as the others accept their slot and have room to get away from her, everything should settle down. Shame on you for not quarantining:lol:. Hopefully there will be no health issues.
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    Daisy got agressive with Judy after she molted and her feathers were growing back in.. she would run and but judy and just about knock her on her back... Thank goodness over the last 6 weeks Daisy has gotten a lot better.. Judy is now aloud to roam with them and grub etc.. They still eat first then let judy.. stanley has taken a shine to Judy too.. This past monday Judy went in to the night pen with them.. the first couple days they chased her a lot. bu things comed down after a few days.. I watch to make sure she gets to eat and drink before I go in.. We rescued Judy from the park the end of July.. I thought they were never going to accept her .Oh she can swim with them in the bath tub.. and some times they let her in the kitty pool

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