Pecking order, introducing new hens


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Mar 20, 2013
I now find myself the go to person for re-homing Chickens, I was asked to take in 2 French Faverolles, and a little Bantam, the other girls (7 ex batts and 2 Pullets) are being brutal bullies towards the 3 newbies, even the Pullets are getting in there, I have only had the Pullets for 2 weeks, and they were accepted reasonably well. I have tried anti pecking spray, and I keep them separate but every time I try to put them together, the poor girls are brutalised, can anyone help, I hate bullies, and this is heart breaking. Thanks in advance xxx
Thanks, i normally don't have a problem, but this is a completely different level! In the past i have allowed them to be together, separating the new ones periodically to allow them to eat, and "chill" for a spell, however the instant i put all the girls are together, the bullying begins, jumping on Backs, blood drawn, grabbing the combs, 2 on 1 sometimes, the new girls are literally terrified, and now cower shaking visibly in a corner, i give them as much love and hugs as possible, but that isn't going to solve the problem, i am worried for the first time that the new girls could be killed.
Sounds like you might need more square footage if possible or let them free range during daylight hours
They have 500 sq metres, split into 4 areas, they free range in separate area's all day, and then get locked into separate coops overnight, it's only when they come into the 1 area on their way to the coops that the trouble starts, ie when they are in the same area. x

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