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    I have a chick that has had the tail feathers plucked out by the others. She is 2 1/2 weeks old. I bought Blu-kote, but it done no good for her as to when I put her back in the brooder, within minutes the others were packing at her tail, again.

    O.K. this is my question.....I had a friend tell me that if they are pecked on like this that something is wrong with them and the others are trying to get rid of it by pecking. You know like a mama cat will killl her kitten if something is wrong.

    Is this true? Is there something wrong with my little "Tigger" that will follow mw to the mailbox and back, the one that follows me through the house. IS something wrong with her? I was told if something was wrong with her that it will affect the whole flock.

    Advice needed.
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    There may be something wrong with her but not likely. Once the other chicks see blood they just tend to keep pecking at that same area ... thus pecking at the same chick.

    I went through the same thing last year and ended up having to remove the 'attacked' chick to a different brooder box. I put her with two smaller chicks that were a week younger and the three of them are still best friends to this day. The other chicks would never accept her back ... I tried to reintroduce her to them after she totally healed up. It didn't work, thus her growing up with the other two smaller chicks.

    All my hens are together now but those three generally stay away from the other ones although there is no pecking by anyone of them anymore.

    You need to remove her till she's healed up and then you can try and reintroduce her. Hopefully they will accept her back. If not you will need to figure out a chicken friend for her and keep them together.

    Also, if you haven't already try using a red lamp instead of white light. Sometimes that helps as it's harder for the chicks to see the blood.

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