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Feb 7, 2011
I have a friend who has 2 BRs. One of them is getting picked on and it is bad enough that one hen has what looks to be a very infected foot.

I have 4 BRs and 2 araucanas. My araucanas get picked on by one or more of my more agressive BRs.

So the question is, can we swap our most agressive birds for a week or so in the hope that they will get reset to the bottom of the pecking order and give the injured birds some time to heal up?
Are you saying you want to swap chickens with your friend and have yours got to her house and vice versa, to try and change the pecking order? I don't have a lot of experience with these problems, but I have read on this forum that if you separate the top chicken (or the one doing the damage) to another area/coop/container for about a week and reintroduce her to the flock, the pecking order will have changed.
I wouldn't swap chickens with your friend, it's hard to tell if there are any problems with her (or your) flock until it's evident. Chickens conseal illness, they don't want the other chickens to know there's something wrong. Be careful in that respect. Hope that helps, K
I'm not too worried about illness in this case. It is pretty clear that it is a pecking order in both cases. I have had this problem with my birds for a few months now. She has had this going on for almost a month.

The hard part in my case is 3 of my 4 BRs have been picking on the Araucanas so it would take some work to reset that pecking order.
I have to agree with Dutchess (Hey there neighbor!) about diseases. I understand that is not your current problem, but you would not want to accidently introduce a disease.

As for the overly mean hens, seperating the most aggressive hen for a week may help break the pattern. When that hen is reintroduced, she will treated like she is completely new. That will definately shake up the pecking order.

Good Luck!

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