Pecking order vs nasty roo

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Juno's Chicks, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Oct 14, 2011
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    My flock is now 9 weeks old. I have an EE that had started to show a mean side. He's the only one crowing at this point and is definitely bigger than any of my other chickens. I believe I could have a total of 3-4 roosters in a batch of 11 including him. At what point is the bigger one just establishing the pecking order or is just mean? He actually held down the head of 2 chickens tonight and it was 2 I'm wondering if are males. Please some insight! Give it to me straight; I dont want a nasty rooster around. Thank you!
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    you have a 9 wk old crowing? This seems a little young for that but maybe its just me. Take pictures and post them on What breed or gender. They are very young and just being chickens unless they are injuring each other give them a little more time to mature before you finally think that it is a mean roo. I have some chicks that are about 6 wks olds and they chest bump(roo behavior but not always) and sometimes play a little rough but not enough to injure each other. They are just being chickens. Chest bumping, keep away, a little pushing around at feeding time all normal youth behavior.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I had a 7-8 week old EE crowing.Poor Taffy,may he rest in peace.

    For me my tolerance is for a few pecks.Some chickens are so mean they are constantly attacking,and they even cause injury. If it was to that point I would be removing the pecker to see how the flock is without them. I have a meanie that attacks throughout the day. You make the mistake of being SEEN by her and she will chase you down. Makes life miserable for the 5 EE's I have left. Unfortunately pulling the offender for a day or week does not change things when I add her back. I had hoped a rooster would put her in her place,but she is still bad.

    So again for me it is bad when there is injury,or the bully makes life miserable for the others constantly. A peck here and there is normal,but constant and bloody is to much for me.
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    Although he is somewhat on the young side, what you may be observing is the beginning of sexual behavior. Some start earlier than others, and it takes a while to get things 'right'.

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