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    Sep 21, 2010
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    These 6 hen were rasied together, but the cinnimon Queens are contantly picking on the 2 amercaunas. They were free range but now have a 64 sq ft coop and a 155 sq ft run. When I moved them they all seemed to settle in except one amercanuna, that seems to pace around alot. I have been going in the coop when I shut them in at night to make sure they all get roosted. There is 12 feet of roosting space but Cinnimon Queens think they need it all. When i throw treats in the run I have to spread it around the whole area to make sure they all get some. Will this get better as they get use to the different area? I have pcitures posted on my BYC page. Haven't figured out how to put them here yet.
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    They don't appreciate confinement when they are used to free ranging. You have plenty of roost space. But it might ease the transition of the Ameraucanas had another spot besides the roost, at least for a while. Mine have formed themselves into 3 flocks and sleep 3 different places in the coop. They have their own idea of what their society should be like.

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