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May 18, 2011
Could someone explain to me the pecking order for chickens? I understand it is a dominence thing, but how long do they need to pick on the new guys for? I have been tryin to get three bantys intro'd to six others. They roost together with out issues, i mean wing to wing as they are in a transitional space right now so its not home. But when they are in their run which is like 6x10 or so, some of the 6 guard the "coop" to keep the other three in. Or when they finally come out, they chase them around for a while, but then tend to leave them alone. What are these few of the 6 looking for from the three?


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Jul 22, 2010
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That's a loaded question. Chickens that have been together for a long time usually get along & there's always a peck every now & again that's normal. Then all the sudden these newbies show up & the flock is now disturbed so they chase em off & peck them. Seems normal to me no body likes change not even yard birds. They will roost with them that's usually not a problem. Give it time they will eventually more than likely get use to them. It could take months you will find out. Just keep an eye on them. If there's blood shed you will need to separate. Good luck!! I hate integrating birds to an existing flock. I usually build a new coop & start a fresh flock.


8 Years
May 22, 2011
i just introduced two new young adult Lakenvelder hens to my flock, and i was interested to see how the other ten would act. my two roosters seemed like they could care less, while EVERY hen was a complete b***h to, pecking them away from food, bootin them off the roost, chasing them...etc. Then, and it amazed me to see it with my own eyes, my king rooster, a giant Partridge Rock named Rocky, had had enough after two days. I watched the other hens run the two Lakenvelders into a corner pecking their heads and necks, when Rock came out of nowhere, and bowing up at full height, he wing beat the hens off the Lakes and stood over them as he scolded the others. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM after that! Everyone's polite now, and they all eat, drink, forage, and roost together like they had been together all their lives. Like i said, for two days neither roo seemed to care, but after two days Rock took charge. He's always been the man, but it seemed like he was tolerating a little hazing, but when hed had enough that was it.

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