Pecking order?


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May 27, 2011
One of my buff orps is at the bottom of pecking order, from what I see. I have ten chicks. We are new at this and raised them from day-old buddies. We built a nice covered chicken house with fenced run; they free range afternoons. After the first month or so of all flying up to perch at nite, the one we call Dumbwad (in loving way) started perching by herself just outside where the others perch. My heart went out to her. So now each nite when I go out to shut the gate for their protection, I move her in on the perch with the others. They grumble but move over to let her stay.
My concern is this: Am I doing the right thing or should I let them sort it out. My husband says she may have the job of guarding the ones on the big perch??? She asserts herself during free range time. They don't abuse her otherwise.
Sounds like they aren't letting her roost, and by the time everyone else sorts out where they are going to be, it may be too dark for her to find her way up there. I'd keep moving her and eventually everyone will get used to it.
Do you have or can you make more than one roost for them? I have something similar going on. In my case I have a ladder going up to the roost at one end. When that end of the roost gets taken the rest of the birds get left roosting just outside the nest box and in some cases they have just slept in the nest box. I am going to move my ladder more to the center of the roost. If that does not work I plant to make a secordary roost, may be 6 inches to a foot lower for those birds lower in the pecking order.

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