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    Mar 22, 2010
    I have had a hen broody for about 7 weeks now. 3 without fertile eggs. 28 days now with fertile eggs. 2 chicks hatched, 3 days later died and none of the other eggs hatched. This morning I removed the eggs from her, turned her out with the other hens and they are being so mean to her. Will they stop or will they kill her? They are out free ranging right now, but when they return later in the day to the coop I am wondering what might happen and what to do about it.
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    May 14, 2012
    Poor girl, if she's a young pullet >1 year, there is a high chance she is suffering the brunt of broodiness. 28 days of not eating properly has taken a toll on her. Just take care that she gets the special treats. She will start the cycle again, she will mate, climb the pecking order. I don't really think she'll lose her status.

    If she had young chicks, her maternal instincts would have made her a hell cat, she would have kicked all her adversaries (-) the alpha hen to the curb. I guess you would have kept the bird separate should the lil' chicks survived, give her that treatment for a week to regain strength. :)

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