Pedantic coop window question #1.

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  1. kiwiegg

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Firstly, please tell me if I am breaking some unwritten (or written!) BYC rule about stupid simple questions BUT...

    Re-working 8x8 "Dummies" coop plan and may start framing in garage soon. Therefore I need to figure out window and door situation. I want to find proper insulated windows as I'm in MN and I want it to look good too! I found this very interested thread where people comment about how much their chix love looking out the windows of the coop.

    I have a builder friend looking for small windows (that open) right now- cheap . We moved here last year and the people left a big 4'x2' window left over from house building several years ago. I'm thinking of putting it in with 2 smaller ones that open. So how about the large NON OPENING window on SW side and smaller opening windows on SE (front, where door will be) and NW sides? Not planning a window on NE side. That way the two opposite small windows can be opened in summer for breeze hopefully. Has anyone ever had any trouble with a window being too big for coop/overheating in summer? Although the big window in question is tinted, it will take up a fair chunk of the wall! Maybe my girls will appreciate that? I could build a reverse roost - it would be orientated towards the large window, not the middle of the coop.

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    Heck no, no rule about type of questions on here. Ask away.

    I don't think you would have a problem with overheating in the summer. If you did, you could just use some plywood in front of the window for that week. [​IMG]
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    Sep 15, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] we have about a week of summer too, i think as long as you can ventilate sufficiently in warmer weather you should be ok and if it does get warm cover it as emys said or decorate window with shutters that you can close on the outside
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    Windows are great to let in sunlight and the chickens enjoy a view while roosting. I just built our coup and I added a roost bar in front of the window and added a partial wall to create a light and dark area. A second roosting bar is in the dark area. This gives them an option to roost away from the window during the hot months or in front of the window if they want to sun bathe. [​IMG] You can play with cover nailer boards and stretched plastic if you want additional shading or air spaces for insulation. Hope this Helps! John


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    Off Topic - Cute Goat! [​IMG]
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    kiwiegg I found my windows for my coop on line. They are shed windows that fit in the holes that are in the 8X8 walk in coop. I do not think that they are insulated but I did use caulk when I installed mine. The windows are under $30 then add shipping and handling which was very reasonable.

    BTW you are expected to post pics while you build the coop you know!! [​IMG]
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    Yes we must have pics!

    Also, it is really easy to make windows out of Plexiglas. It is also very inexpensive.
  8. Judy

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    I think people are more likely to make windows too small than too large, even in the north. You will be glad for the light source.
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    Quote:You may find yourself needing to go out there next summer and cut more openings in the walls for more airflow... but other than the ventilation issue, I'd do it. There is really no *need* for all windows to open [​IMG]

    Has anyone ever had any trouble with a window being too big for coop/overheating in summer?

    It can happen but it is really easily fixed by covering window with shadecloth or (if the problem is really bad) a tarp or plywood, so, it is not any kind of serious or permanent problem even if it arises [​IMG]

    Be aware that chickens sometimes try to fly through windows, especially large ones. I do not know whether tinted would reduce this or not. Various strategies exist to try to discourage this.

  10. kiwiegg

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Chickens trying to fly through windows [​IMG]
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