Pee"ed off Rooster


6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
We got a Easter rooster that was flu in from Vagas for my neese. She couldn't keep him because he was disturbing the neibors, she lives in the middle of town. The rooster we named Roady was easy going at first, but the past few days has gotten really aggressive. Not so much with the hens or my wife, just with me. What's up with that.
He is becoming mature and protective of his flock. Sadly, such behavior tends to escalate. If you have small children, I would recommend getting rid of him because of the injury potential. If you want to keep him, there are several threads on 'rooster training' on site. Good luck at adjusting his attitude.
there are so many worthwhile roosters begging for a home, it's best to send the bad ones to "freezer camp." Many roosters of assorted breeds are available at low cost or free, on BYC in the 'buy,sell,trade forum. Once you have 20 posts you can participate - there is also "free animals that need rehoming," section
Sounds like he's decided he's the boss of you. If you can convince him otherwise, great. If not, do not keep an animal that attacks you. Mean Roosters Taste Better!

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