Peeled inside out....???


13 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Powdersville, SC
All my chickens free range and I have found 2 chickens in the last week that were literally peeled inside out. Almost like someone tube skinned them for the leather. I have had chickens for 15 years and had a lot of them killed by predators but never seen this before. There are no feathers everywhere or anything. just a chicken hide left behind peeled inside out....

They are being killed at night so I am thinking a nightime predator but not sure what would peel them inside out.....

Any clues?
I can't imagine what could do that.

I'm sorry for your loss. Hopefully someone more experienced than I will come along with help.
Well your description isn't quite detailed enough, but here is something to ponder.

An old meat hunters bird cleaning amounted to peeling a bird and taking the breast and leg meat leaving the rest for the scavengers.
In western Pa I find ground hogs like that.
Some of the older trappers tell me coyotes do that. I am not sure if it is true or not but until I get a better answer thats what I go by
Hope this helps
Sounds like a skunk to me.

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