Peepers and free range?


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
I'm finally resorting to pinless peepers for my hens. I have tried the aprons and they worked to keep them from eating each other alive, but never completely stopped the picking. I've tried lotions and sprays and higher protein and minerals and fresh fruits and vegetables, more roughage, vitamins in their water and now the vet says the only thing left is to clip their beaks. They are grown 20 months old and laying very well. I'm not about to clip their beaks. They are all Rhode Island Reds but they are VICIOUS to one another. I raised them from 3 days old and I love them, but they will literally pick each other to death - they have already killed one hen. They are also free range and even in bad weather have three separate large runs that come off the coop, one 20' x 30', one 12' x 18' and the last one 20' x 20'. Most times they free range on 10 acres of open land, with few trees. I want to know if anyone free ranges their hens with peepers? I'm thinking it can't be any worse to them than what they are doing now. They also will kill the doves that get into their runs when the door to the coop is open for them to free range. Not just kill but EAT. So I've got to do something and clipping their beaks is just not going to happen.

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