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  1. Well you found it..

    Welcome to Peep's hideout! This is my 'secret' chat thread.

    Everyone is welcome!


    All BYC rules apply!

    Have fun! (I'm talking to YOU.)

    Ask me before advertising any threads on here please! :)

    A bit about me...

    I love animals.
    I LOVE to skate!
    I love to swim, dance and do just about anything active!
    Soccer is my life.
    Mountain Biking Rocks.
    I am Night Owl (If that means anything to you..)
    I love to take pictures!
    Music is amazing! (Especially rock!!)
    I love my knives!
    LOVE guitar.
    I love to sing.
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  2. Hey guys!
  3. I found it!
  4. Hehe. How are you?
  5. a bit worried but fine
  6. Why? I'm okay, still a little sick though..
  7. Just some stuff,
    ugh I hate being sick.
  9. Being sick sucks

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