Peeps seem to be developed but not able to break out


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
My first broody hen is post 21 days in her hatching. I noticed this morning that one of her three eggs is broken open on one side, (not a typical line of hatching that I see when I incubate) and a few sweet lil feathers sticking out. I see absolutely no movement at all....the other two eggs show no sign of hatching yet. Should I just leave the egg that appears to have a dead peep in it? Should I just be patient or can/should I do something at this point. I am concerned that I should intervene cause I would hate to loose peeps in the last days.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Note: this is the first time I have had a hen hatch her eggs. I have incubated them always in the past. Excited but starting to get sad.

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