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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 5150Meg, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Jun 20, 2019
    I have a female Pekin duck that is only a few months old now. She was fine and the whole flock was staying together and traveling around the large fenced yard and going in and out of their pools at will. However, about a month ago, she stopped walking and she wasn't standing either. She mostly stayed in one place unless I moved her or used her wings to help propel herself forward small distances before laying again.

    I added a lot more niacin to her water, sprinkled food grade DE on her food and her body to potential kill parasites, switched her back to duck baby food (non-antibiotic kind called All Flock from TSC mixed with a seed mix) and she now stands and is a little better but has stopped improving. I carry her to swim in the pool daily and she can get herself out and a little away but that's about it before she quite contently preens herself from the swim but doesn't move again. A few hours later, I carry her back into the hen house to eat and rest.

    I keep a special bowl of water she can reach (with niacin in it). I'm out of ideas for this bird. Nothing appears to be wrong with her feet, no swelling, they seem to pull away when I touch them so they aren't paralyzed. She's not egg bound as she's too young still to be laying. I did dose her with PCN I picked up from TSC (1 cc into her breast) twice, just to try and see if it would help but no improvement. She's eating fine and drinking fine and cleaning herself when I put her into the pool (though not as clean as the rest of the ducks) but either won't or can't walk - thinking it's can't because she doesn't like me handling her but she seems to not be able to run away (though she is getting used to me handling her a lot). Any ideas?
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    May 30, 2019
    Hi 5150meg,
    It sounds like you are addressing the most likely causes, injury, nutritional deficiency and infection.
    Could she have suffered a spinal injury? As prey to most predators, ducks are very good at hiding injuries.
    Are her eyes and nasal passages clear?
    You mentioned supplementing with niacin, what about calcium, does she have access to crushed oyster shell?
    It has been a month with little improvement, can she go to the vet for x-rays, blood tests etc?
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