pekin/cochin bantam gender,emergency answer needed before rehoming


7 Years
Dec 8, 2012
sorry for double posting but got no answers cause obviously i posted int he wrong forum previous:

i have three young (dont know exact age, got as barter/present) chickens and i have to sex them, the roos will be given a good home with a friend in need (to keep him busy due to heart issues); the hen i want to stay, but i want to make sure im not mistaking roos for hens or reversed:

roo? or he?

seems pretty henny to me, and i liker 'her' she sits on my lap etc.

seems really roostery to me, am i mistaken... not handlable at all, flaps around, squawks, but very pretty and fluffy... help me decide tonight. i have a deadline, i must de-chicken and duck my house by monday before my 75 yr old parents come from america, and they cannot be in a house with winged pets (they barely tolerate the dogs, and open windows, etc.)...
I think you're right about the first and third being roos. What are you going to do with the hen if you have to dechicken your house? Hope all goes well for you!
thanx all for confirming my guess. so tomorrow : the hen will stay as my pet, the roos will go to my friend's husband the ducks are going to hubby's friends who have ducks, and the outdoor girls stay no problem... i'd love to keep roos but the neighbhros will kill me; as its is my outdoor hens have two that are as regular as alarm clocks in the morning with their squawking and people DO notice...

now, any idea what colour the hen will be in the end? (she'll stay sandy coloured?)

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