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    Apr 10, 2012
    Daydreaming about what the offspring of our ducks would look like, and wondering how Pekin genes factor into things. I think I read they're white because there's a gene that blocks expression of other genes, right? That's where I get lost.
    I saw another post that seemed to say that you just get whatever genes the other duck is passing on, but if the Pekin has some other color pattern that's being suppressed by the white, then that could surface, too, right?

    So confused.

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    I am not sure how it works with Pekins, but with Anconas and Magpies you can end up with solid white offspring on occasion. If you then breed the whites together you supposedly get more whites.

    Not sure what happens if you breed one of the whites back to a colored bird, but I plan to find out with a test hatch this spring
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    Basically, the ducklings will exhibit the color of the colored parent. The offspring will be split white though. So if you had Pekin X Mallard, you'd get mallard colored offspring split to white. If you breed one of those you would see some white expressed in the offspring.

    You can play with this site scroll down to duck (make sure not to use muscovy, wood, or mandarine duck calculators.
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