Pekin duck breed with muscovie drake


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Apr 8, 2012
Heflin Alabama
I want to put eggs in incubator. I have both pekin drakes and a muscovie drake.How long would it take for the egg to hatch 28 days like the pekin mom or 35 days like possible dad?
Good question. I don't know about the incubation time, but I do know that the offspring will be infertile....Like a liger (tiger x lion) or a mule.
I was trying to find out, because you piqued my curiosity, and I found this for you:

"Muscovy when crossed with other breeds, produce sterile offspring. For instance, if you cross a Muscovy male with a Pekin female you will hatch mules; if you cross a Pekin male with a Muscovy female the progeny are called hinnies. Whereas a Pekin takes 28 days to hatch and a Muscovy takes 35 days, a mule or hinny takes 32 days to hatch."

So it looks like incubation is somewhere in between. Good luck with your hatch.
It says in the "book" If a Muscovy Drake is breed to a Millard Duck - that the incubation period will be 30 days.

Added: I have also seen the web site that states 32 days so I guess it can be from 30 -32 days
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