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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DenverDucky, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Brooksville, Florida

    YES! The behavior you described is exactly how my George and Martha are!! Hoping for the one day that they'll actually 'like' me better.

    I got ducks totally on a whim. We wanted them, but were NOT knowledgeable at all! Hey, sounds like our intro into chickens! But that's another story....

    So needless to say, we are pretty much dummies to duckies, but would love to better understand them. We are the ones who need to learn and change, not them. Thanks for such a nice reply, as I've seen you reply often to me, I just want to say I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you for such a nice personalized reply. Boy, this group is just great and super friendly bunch (unlike my George and Martha! )

    I too received my pair from a hatchery and also arrived at 3 days old. Mine came from Ideal poultry, but from day one, they've hated me with a passion. Now I understand their apprehensions about me better. Although mine are not jumbo (although you could've fooled me since they're HUGE) But they never imprinted on me out of the box. Thankfully so! We did play with the fantasy of an imprinted duck, but read a lot about the side effects and were almost instantly turned off by the idea. It is because of our intent not to allow imprinting that we raised them without a lot of handling. But then again, a lot of our 'sets' of chickens didn't get much handling either when they were younger and still quite sweet. They go outside, when the weather permits, which is not often. And spend nice amounts of time in a treat filled bathtub but the moment they see a human, forget it! They are running and jumping to get away.

    It seems like treats help, if you toss them. But if they see that you placed it politely on the ground, they won't touch it! I'm convinced they think I put arsenic in their food! ;P

    they're a little over one month old, and about as big as Percy, our polish hen. I suppose only time will tell how or if their personalities change. Or perhaps we are in way over our heads....

    Oh and btw to whoever said about approaching them slowly at a lower level while making small duck noises: Yes I have been trying this method ever since reading it... While although I am certainly by no means making a joke out of it, I can't help but to kinda laugh at myself. It really is quite hysterical, and the dear significant other gets a kick out of it. I still can't do it without laughing at myself, but I have to ask how, how well does this method really work? And are their other ' desensitizing' to humans I could do for my ducks?

    And lastly, I am so glad to see I'm not the only one who's had this problem. At first I thought I was unique. I thought perhaps they were sick birds since I got them from a hatchery.

    Oh and lastly, (really this time!) Could anyone tell me how to tell them apart? I know I'm calling them George and Martha, but I'd like to know who I'm speaking to individually. Correct me if I'm wrong, George has the prominent golden yellow beak, while Martha has the pinkish one, no?

    Thanks again, all!
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    theadvocate19, have you read the sticky on raising ducklings? Very good read.
  3. duck commander

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    Jul 5, 2013
    The male, Izzy, my "buddy" .....has recently become very aggresive toward me. Biting....won't let me leave the pen...attack duck. He's a jumbo peking...about 6 mos. Old. The lady ducks are still cool. But the male....boy o boy.... lookin for a fight every day. Beware the drakes
  4. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    duck commander, I wonder if he's trying to show you who's the boss? Or is aggressively flirting with you? I think they have a hard time telling boy humans from girl humans.
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    Jun 11, 2013
    Could my last drake have been "aggressively flirting" with me? Lol, the thought or possibility had never crossed my mind. Someone had suggested it over the summer, but I disregarded. But now that it is mentioned again, I have to wonder. I am female, btw. He would stand on top of my feet while biting at my toes and legs, and had run from across the yard over a dozen times to do so but always did when I went to feed him. I had to literally "shoe" this bird away gently with my foot, but that never stopped him. He would always come right back at me, three or four times, until I would have to pick him up and gently toss him away... then he'd come back, most times! This all occurring at the time he began mating. I spoke of a time when I was driving, once, and he had leapt from his bin to attack me in the driver's seat. But this all came with other behavior like jealousy when I interacted with his female and him taking vicious "dives" at me when I would reach to touch him, with him vibrating and such. I just wonder, now.
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    Jun 22, 2013
    Love your photo. Cute "No Hunting" sign. :)
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    I'd say yes since I went through this with a hand raised drake from hatch. They get confused as to who you are to them. I did work through it with mine but it does take a while.
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    Jul 21, 2013
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    Brought the girls up from the coop for a much needed bath. Too cold for them to have a kiddie pool out so it's been over a month since they got to swim. They were the happiest ducks I've ever seen! Wish I could figure out how to post video on here. They SOAKED the whole bathroom in their excitement!
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    Jan 3, 2010
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    How sweet, mine sure need a bath too. but I don't think 15 in the tub would work.

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