Pekin duck eggs


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Uxbridge, MA
I'm on day 5 of my eggs and when I candled them I saw some had started to get veins. This is my first "real" hatch, and I'm so excited. I am using a home made incubator so that adds to my excitement. YAY....

Yeah, I get excited over veining also
b.hromada :

Thats great!! Gotta post pics when they hatch!!

I get so nervous, (an excited) I hope atleast 1 hatches..... And I'll definately post pics when they hatch.​
I just candled again tonight (i guess i have been doing every 2 days) and 7 out of 7 seem to be developing just great so far. See veins distinctly in all 7 YAY!!!!..... I'm a little worried now though because my husband built a "tray" for the bottom so when they hatch they can't reach the bulb, and now I'm having issues with the temp and humidity. Humidity went up to 70% but not for very long and i was able to get that back to 55%-58% but my temp i'm worried about.... One thermometer reads 92 and the other reads 99... Its consistant so I'm afraid to touch it and the 99 degree one is level with the eggs and the 92 degree one is on top of the eggs on the other corner..... I just pray that its ok...... Should I try to get that temp up a little or go by he one level with the eggs?

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