Pekin Duck In Wild W. Bloody Wing


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Apr 4, 2014
Our wonderful friend: Sonny the pekin duck who has lived in the wild with his mate Cher has a HORRIBLE looking bloody wing. He lives with Cher on the Lambertville Canal here in Lambertville Nj. Looks like he was attacked by something. There are snapping turtles every where here, who knows what else: racoons, etc. I spent an hour till the sun went down with him. He was very cautious and shy: not taking treats from hand as usual. His mate Cher seemed fine - bold as ever. Something hurt him and freaked him out. I'm attaching photos. Tomorrow, I will contact the Mercer Wildlife Center here, see what they say. Any thoughts? This duck is SO beloved by me and so many others. His name is Sonny.

Thanks for any help,


A blood feather may have been damaged. Aside from trying to capture him to treat him, I am not sure what to suggest.
X2. Hopefully the Wildlife center can help but I'm not sure how they handle cases involving domestic ducks.
Could just one blood feather cause this much blood? or would it be many?
Yes, I run into that trouble sometime: despite being IN the wild, some organizations say that they can't help them because they are "exotic." I think the wildlife center has ofered to help these ducks before though. Or I'll have to take them to a vet and collect donations.
If it is a broken blood feather you need to stop the bleeding ASAP. Were you able to catch him and take a closer look? Do you have any Bleed-X or any other blood stopping powder?

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