Pekin duck with leg feathers?


14 Years
Jan 21, 2009
Wallkill, NY
Does anyone know anything about this? We have a 10 week old pekin with leg feathers on the sides of both legs. It seems he is boy from his voice and he is getting a curled tail feather. He's had it since we got him at a few days old. It was the yellow fuzz when he was little and now small white feathers down both legs. I have never seen or heard anything about ducks with leg feathers,so hopefully someone will know if its normal or not!
I had a pekin drake with a few leg feathers. I thought they were kind of cute.
It isn't really normal but happens enough that those feathers are known as "stubs" and will cause the bird to lose if entered in a show. If my memory is correct they are more common on Cayougs (sp) and on Blue Sweeds.
Thanks for your replies! He's not going to be shown, he's more of a pet. My daughter named him Featherjumper.
, because of the leg feathers lol. I think they are cute also. We can always tell which one he is by them, and also that he is such a piggy lol. He knocks all the other ducks out of the way
to get food or treats. Thats probably why he is so huge!
I'll see if I can get a picture tomorrow and post it. The feathers are kind of short but they are there. I just dont know how well they will show up in a picture.

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