Pekin duckling-aggression?


5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
I purchased 2 ducks together at the local feed store. I researched heavily and decided on Rouen and pekin ducks since I wouldn't have to worry about shipping and they would be easy to buy. Anyway, my pekin (Remi) who is approximately 5 weeks, will let me hold her but of course runs when I attempt to do so. She follows me around and will get in my lap if I set down beside her. The problem is if I move my hands, touch my phone, try to pet her while she is by me she turns her head around as if trying to bite. She also hisses at EVERYTHING. I have tied the whole give them treats thing so they will learn your hand is good. Nothing helps. She still hisses and pecks/bites. I need help. I understand they don't like being touched all of the time, and I'm not asking because petting is the only issue. I'm asking because I feel like I can't move a muscle if she is by me without risk of getting hissed at or bitten. I just don't want this to continue until she is grown and harder to handle.


5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
I'm on my second batch of pekins and have not had a problem with aggression. I don't handle them, however. The ones this year are about 4 weeks old and very, very nervous. I talk to them, but they still freak out when I come with food and water. The previous ones were much less high-strung. It could be a difference in breeding.

None of my ducks have ever tried to bite, though I have had some run at me and some hiss and flap. I can tell you that the duck appears to sense you're afraid to move and seems to want it that way. I don't back down from a duck, no matter how mad it is. If the duck thinks it owns you, it will. The fact that the duck sits on your lap when SHE wants to would lend support to the idea the duck owns you. Try just doing what you normally do and don't stop no matter how the duck reacts. Wear gloves and heavy coat if you're afraid of being bitten. It sometimes works to simply pin the duck down and show it you are in charge. Be careful not to do it in anger—ducks break. However, if you just do it to show the duck you are in charge, it may help.

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