Pekin Duckling


Dec 13, 2015
Hii everyone, i have a pekin x kahki campbell duckling that i bought to be friends with my cayuga duckling. Unfortuneltly i have lost the cayuga duckling, do i need to get my pekin a friend or will it get by on its own! I dont know what sex it is, its only about 4 weeks old it cheeps very loudly but also hisses sometimes when im trying to bond!! The lady i bought it from had it out side with its mum and other duckling so it hasnt been handled much but im trying. It lets me crawl half in the coops its it at the moment when putting food and water in with no problems. But just wanting to know if i need another duck again or if it wil be fine on its own


7 Years
May 19, 2014
Georgetown, TX
Yes, without a doubt you need another duckling of the same age. Till you can do that a small unbreakable mirror will help. Ducks need 24/7 companionship and it is very lonely and lost. You need to spend time with it too and bring it inside. Don't leave it in a big coop all by itself.

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