pekin ducklings

Michael Stamati

In the Brooder
6 Years
Jul 28, 2013

hello , I hope you are all good.
these pekin ducklings are 2 weeks old.can someone tell me why the duckling at the right,is so smaller than the others???and why has lighter color on the it's legs and it's bill,than the other ducklings?? ?
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It could be a different breed, it could have a nutritional deficiency, parasites, or just be one of those ducklings who struggle to grow.

Elfie was two weeks behind in development for her first six months and now she has caught up and doing fine.

They need good food, occasional vitamins and probiotics especially during times of stress, fresh water, the ability to wash off in fresh water frequently. Of course they need safety, and proper temperatures.

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