Pekin ducks eggs flooded!

We have 2 ducks in the yard. She has just started laying her eggs about a week ago. we had hurricane sandy come thru and it flooded her nest. the eggs stayed underwater all day. can they still be viable? what can i do? not sure if she finished laying her clutch seems she laid one or 2 everyday she had 9 eggs...Thanks for any help..
Where is your duck and her eggs now? if she was out in the open on a nest then it's probably for the best the nest was flooded because she was an easy target for any pred coming along. If she was already brooding these eggs then they are most likely not any good. and then you have to wonder about contamination from where ever the water came from, was it from the rain or tidal surge? I'd give her a nice safe place to make a nest where she can be locked up at night for her protection and the eggs. A nesting duck is a sitting duck. AND
Toss them as being in water exposed them to bacteria from the flood waters. Just because she is laying doesn't mean you have to leave them in the nest. Given your location, ducklings this time of the year will require YOU to provide proper housing, heat, feed for them.

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