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Sep 5, 2013
I am completely new to chicken keeping but in need of a little help please?
I bought two Pekin hens in June as I was told Perkins make great pets. They were both born 26th April.

Recently Lilly (1st) picture has started making an extremely loud squawking most of the day. I can hear her at the other end of the street. I am worried she might be a he and that my neighbours will soon complian. Apart from the noise she is quite shy & docile. Do you think she is a hen or a cockerel?

Rose (2nd) picture looks quite different now and does not make any noise however she is very aggressive towards me. Biting and charging at me every time I am near her or in the pen. She even got my cheek at the weekend. I was told Pekin girls were friendly. Is that normal?


Any advice or opinions greatly received as I am really starting to regret starting!
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THey all look like hens to me. Any breed of chicken can be mean, chickens are usually tamer when you interact with them as baby chicks. Hens will sometimes squawk loudly when laying and egg, lost, or if they see a predator.
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Thank you, I was really worrying she was a cockerel. The squawking is pretty much constant from 6.30am until dusk.
No neither are laying yet. One of the other reasons I was starting to worry is that they are both exactly the same age but Lilly the top one, is much bigger now & her comb is a lot bigger and redder. They were identical when I got them.
They both look like hens to me - very pretty!

My welsummer used to be a noisy so and so. I was told to show her I was boss by picking her up and walking around with her for 5 minutes when she was being noisy, squirting her with water, trying to be a "cockerel". None of this worked, and I thought, you know what, I'm not a chicken, why on earth am I trying to be top hen/cockerel?
In the end all it took was going to stroke her when she was noisy and treating her when she was quiet, I just gave her a bit of attention and really let her become comfortable with me, and hey presto! She's lovely and quiet now :)
Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try. I did start trying a water spray but it was making her nervous of me.
Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try. I did start trying a water spray but it was making her nervous of me.

Yes I had the same problem, it actually made my welsummer more vocal as she would then shout a warning call to the others "Everyone run! The nasty water sprayer is here!!".
Just sit with them and talk calmly, chuck a few mealworms around when they're quiet, worked great for my girls and now they're quiet and follow me around :)

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