Pekin hens...when can they run with the drakes?


9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
Vernon County, MO
I bought two large-ish Pekin duckling hens at the local swap. Their big (compared to my other guys)...but still covered in that fluffy down. When is it generally considered safe to let them run in the yard (supervised) with my adult drakes? They're quacking like big girls, I don't want them to get hurt by my drakes if they think 'Hey! Ladies!'.

I let my smaller Rouens, Khaki Campbell, and lone Pekin ducklings roam a little outside the tractor-coop, but that was in a rather small pen with a little 'pond' (large waterdish).

Also, is there any possible way to train the ducklings to go up the ramp to the top of the coop? The tractor unfortunately doesn't have a door on the lower part, so half the time I chase ducklings around the yard. I've gotten pretty good at bribing them back with food (they are apparently convinced that the NEW food tastes better than the 'old' food) but still...if they would just go up the ramp!
I would wait until they are a bit older before you turn them out with the boys. They will be 'breeding age' about 5 months or so, so then it would be safe. Otherwise, the boys will try to breed them whether they are ready or not. I don't know about the ramp, good luck.
I wanted to be sure before I let them run about the yard, since there to big to get through the fence. I suppose I'll just have to build a bigger box to cage them in for now

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