Pekin stopped laying


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Jun 19, 2009
I have a one year old female pekin who has been a consistant egg layer since 6 months old - an egg every other day. But now she has stopped laying altogether. Her feathers look all ruffled, but besides that she is doing fine.

Should I be concerned?

I'm not sure, but could she be molting? She may just be pausing for awhile if that is the case.
I havn't been through a molt yet with my year old pekin drake & hen nor with my 4 chickens - so I don't know what to look they go completely featherless? If they just lose a few feathers at a time and are quickly replaced with new feathers at the same time, I may never know as the birds around here quickly take all of the feathers on the ground (must be some pretty soft nests around here!).

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The only time my Pekins stopped laying was when the had a nest full of eggs and went broody.
Ruffled feathers ... my ducks get ruffled looking when they're in a molt and when they're broody. Does your Pekin have a nest full of eggs? My Pekins all molted between 16 and 20 weeks.


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