Pekin won't eat


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May 11, 2012
One of my female Pekins I noticed today just sitting in the middle of the yard all day. She didn't move at all. Just sat there kind of puffed like she was sitting on an egg. I went to check on her and gave her some water which she did drink. She would not eat anything. I moved her into a crate to keep her safe and separate from the others and she didn't try to move or get away from me when I moved her. Any idea of what might be wrong? She's about a year old. I have 4 other Pekins and they are all acting normal.
Could be serious - this is what Neun was acting like when she had egg yolk peritonitis. It can be fatal. However, in some cases, with antibiotics and extra TLC, they can pull through.

In any case, it could be some kind of infection, sinus, respiratory, could be viral.

If you can get her to a vet, that would be best. Otherwise, you will need to try to diagnose and treat.

Can you listen to her lungs? Did she seem light, like she has lost weight?

She could also be egg bound. Has she recently stopped apparently laying? Be very gentle, see if you can feel an egg near her vent or up a little farther. Don't want to break an egg.

A half hour in a lukewarm - 70F- tub of water deep enough to float in may help. If it's egg binding, that could be enough to help her relax and release the egg. And some extra calcium would be good as well. I use 23% calcium gluconate I get at a livestock supply place.

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