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I'm fairly new at this and considering my pekin is a miracle duck I'm sort of freaking out. I noticed about 2 days ago that my Luckie was kind of wobbly and not moving around all that good. Got her out of her pen tonight to let her swim in the tub and got a better look. She is crossing her feet over the other and its like when she tries to walk she steps on her feet. I checked out her feet and one looks like it might have a scab on it but its not red or hot to the touch. She sort of looks bowlegged. I'm not sure what could be the problem and with it being a holiday weekend the vet(which I'm not even sure treats ducks) wont be open until Tuesday. I've read that it could be a Niacin deficiency and she had been being feed her 20% protien dumor chick starter. She's about 6 weeks old now. Should I change her food to something else and are there any suggestions on what it could be. I'm hoping its not bumble foot.
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Ok. Just garden peas in a bag? Do you think that's the problem. It's not like she's hopping or favoring a certain foot, they both just kinda turn in.
Yes just the cheap bags of peas at Walmart. Im not saying that is the problem but you still need to get their protein down, it will be alot better for her. Also if she is outside put her food and water away from each other so she has to do alot of walking to keep her healthy. My food and water are placed about 50 to 60 feet apart so they keep going back and forth all day.
We have her and my 2 younger mallards in a plastic tote with pine shavings in the guest bedroom right now. Were working on a pen to put them outside. Were gonna go outside for a swim later today and I'm gonna watch her a little closer on the grass. My mom said her legs looked strange last week when we had them outside on the grass but she was standing straight up. Now her legs stay bent. I'm gonna try the peas and I bought the lower protein food yesterday. Hopefully that's what's going on. I don't think the spot on her foot is a sore, she has smaller spots like that on other places on her foot, so I'm thinking it's just dirt
I haven't encountered this problem before, but there are others here who have and have written about it, so I'll let those more experienced share with you what they've done. I just wanted to mention about your feed that, you should only give 20% for the first 4 weeks, then switch to something lower like 15% making sure it still has niacin in it.

Good luck!
This is what her feet look like, I know she's in the water and probably floating a little bit but I couldnt get a good pic of her standing normal.

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I had this too with one of my ducks. She was walking on her own feet. I put brewer's yeast in the food. They were already eating 16% at that point. Also I gave her drop vitamins like for infants, but if you can find it bird vitamins are better like they have at a pet store. She still doesn't walk like she should but it's tons better then when she was little (she is grown now). Good luck!
I bought some Niacin pills from Rite Aid today that im going to crush in the water and their food is down to 15%. Got the peas and I sort of have to trick her into eathing them by mixing it with the regular foot because she doesnt seem to like it or any other green stuff I put in there for her to eat, i'm hoping she'll just get use to it.
Make sure the Niacin pills are not the flush free kind, those won't work. The ones I would add to water say time released and are readily available but don't say flush free or non flushing, those do nothing. I am sure in a few days you will see a difference. Good luck!

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